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December 28th, 2006

11:42 pm - need help
Hi all.

Here's my issue. I am trying out in a software developing company -- guess what -- for a position at a help desk. Phone calls, e-mails, Q's&A's in a forum, HelpDesk remote desktop assistance -- all that stuff.

The company's small. The stuff they make is pretty high-tech and expensive. Not sure how many users bought/subscribed to their flagship products, but the load on the help dept. is quite moderate. So it's just one girl and myself aiding customers -- if I get approved and employed, that is.

We are located in Eastern Europe, so English is everybody's second language here (including the boss). The problem is: my spoken English is good, with little accent, but not perfect. It has to be perfect, though. Perfect enough that my boss-to-be would like it. Also, he wants it to be formal enough, casual enough, but not to the point of being hobnob. He is not satisfied with the way I communicate over the phone. Everything else is fine.

So, here's the question: how do I convince him/make my English 1) formal 2) conforming to standards and customs of business communications, and especially help desk phone procedures?

Perhaps you could advise manuals, script collections, case studies, some freely available online resources -- meant specifically for setting up help desks. Anything at all. Speaking of script collections and trite phrase compendiums: you must be fed up with that stuff, but this is something that would really help me out.

Please help me get this job, and I will be remembering you in my daily prayers ))

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July 15th, 2005

11:12 pm - phone call of the month
i'm sorry sir, we have no record of that payment...

#$@& #@$#& *&(#$@ I #(**% PAID YOU!!! #&($)@%$

i understand you have mailed out your payment and it has cleared your bank account... in order for us to further research this payment you will be required to fax in proof of payment...

#(@& @()#( *&^!(@**^$(@* I ALREADY #@&$( PAID!!! #@#@%^

sir, until you fax in proof of payment we will consider this account balance as unpaid and the collection treatment will continue...


the customer did end up faxing in proof of payment...Collapse )
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March 24th, 2005

09:00 am
I talked about this in a comment I left earlier today, and it happened again.

I work for an outsourcer and currently do tech support for microsoft games, our newest game zoo tycoon 2.

I like tycoon 2 because it has this real good habbit of telling the custoerm exactly what is wrong. for example "zoo tycoon 2 needs 256 megabytes of memory to run, your computer has 128 megabytes" or "zoo tycoon 2 does not support the km400 video card" and then it goes on to tell you what video card you have (km 400 in this case).

Now another thing about my support is its paid support. 35 dollars an incident, and the numbers are almost always long distance.

Still people call. I just got one a few minuites ago. Its to the point that if I see its a zoo tycoon 2 call, the first thing I ask, "are you getting an error message?"

me: thansk for calling bla bla, can i get case number

customer: gives number

me: verifies name, and that they are calling about zoo tycoon

customer: (immediantly starts butting in with problem)

me: talked over customer to ask "are you getting an error message?"

customer: immedianty reverts and says yes

me: what is the message

custoemr: it says zoo tycoon 2 needs at least 256 mb of memory to run and i only have 128........................what do I do

me: you have to add more memroy to your computer

customer: how do I do that?

me: contact your local computer shop, tell them you need 256mb of memory

customer: oh......i see.... (acting embarased for calling

me: is there anyting else i can do for you?

customer: no thanks

me: is it ok if I go ahead and close this case as resolved?

customer: sure, bye now.

and before that I got this guy that called, was having problems running a game. He had called yesterday and talked to one of my fellow associates. By the time i caught up to where he was at, read the notes, and got what his current error messsage was he had to go, said he would call back. Turns out that is what he did before. He calls with like 5 minuites to spare and has to go. Dude, call when you have time to troubleshoot the issue.

some people.

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January 4th, 2005

06:30 am - Quick Hardware related question
Does anyone know of some sort of adaptor to connect an RJ11 jack into a set of stereo mini-jacks? Basically so I can plug in a Microphone and Headphones into any plain old analog phone line instead of speaking into the handset?

There has to be some kind of cheap adaptor... Right?

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December 4th, 2004

12:29 am - I am to important to call when they are open.
Call centers are such a unique environment. You get to talk to some of the craziest people. I worked for aol for nearly 3 years and I could spend days telling stories. I do dsl tech support now. The people are not as stupid as the aolers I had to deal with. But you still get the occasional self important person that just things they can get anything done by being pushy and rude. Like the guy a had a while ago that called to find out why his dsl was not working. His order was canceled. Why, who knows. I am just tech support, i only have tech information. I see a little thing that says acct status, canceled.

Big surprise that this guy didn't like that answer. I would just call over to our orders department to find out more, but it was late in the evening and they where closed. I explained to him that there was a problem with the order, and that it would need to be taked up with theorders department and they are closed, he would need to call back tommorrow before 7pm. (it was like 730). Well, I tried to explain, he didnt' want to hear it, wanted to tell me how I was gonna fix it. Um yeah, donsn't work like that. I noticed in the case the last time he called, it pretty much went the same way. He called, order canceled, was told to call back earlier in the day. It was also noted that he didnt' want to listen to what anyone had to say.

Of course, he wanted to speak to a super. I put one of our roamers on the phone. My super was not in yet. Roamers are people that have been here a while that have experiace that help us techs figure stuff out, and also act as supervisors when we need it. They argued back and forth for a while, the guy continued to dictate what we where going to do. We tried to explain that we just could not fix his order, change his order, do anything order wise, and with a canceled accout he was not even going to get on. He needs to call orders department and do it before 7pm. I even kinda got smart with him before giving him to my "supervisor" when he said if we didn't get this fixed, he was going to cancel. I told him he didn't need to do that, according to my records that has already been taken care of, he is canceled. While that took away some of his leverage, it didn't calm him down any.

My, "supervisor" ended up after quite some time, and several warnings about how this call was completely unproductive, hung up on him.

Several days later I was called into the account managers office. Aparently this but munch had managed to file a complaint with someone and it came back to us. We had to investigate. I bet this guy wishes we would get fired. To bad I can't thank him for givng me and the other guy some extra time off the phones.

asking for a supervisor is usually such a bad idea.

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October 20th, 2004

06:35 am
i work for at&t wireless at the receiveables management department...

basically the billing department...

i'm a collector...

please pay your bills on time...


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June 16th, 2004

07:05 pm - Thankyou for calling Singapore Airlines. Mariel speaking. What can I do for you?
"Hi. I'm flying on Saturday from Brisbane to Singapore. I need to know if I have to go to the domestic terminal, or the international terminal."

"The international terminal ma'am."

"Oh. And do I check in at the Qantas counter?"

"No ma'am. You have to check in at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter."

"Singapore Airlines have a check-in counter?"

*shakes head*
People. =\

Hi. I'm new. Just joined actually. And it's amazing how many grown adults throw a tantrum over the phone at me and my fellow reservations officers when they don't get their way. =P

A girl at my work once got yelled and sworn at by a guy who was pissed cos he got the middle emergency exit seat, when he wanted the emergency exit aisle seat. It never occured to him that on a plane with approximately 300 seats in economy, there are only 12 (and sometimes even only 6) emergency exit seats.
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April 5th, 2004

05:47 pm
Well a customer finnally did it lol!

I been waiting for this one.

customer :"I keep getting an invalid username and password what do I do?"
Me : "Well sir , do you have youre caps locks on? "
customer :" OMG YES!! Thank you"
Me :" Ok type in youre e-mail addres and @domain.net"
customer :"oh I have to writer "at"?"
Me :" hahahahha sir the @ symbol....."

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March 14th, 2004

05:04 pm
Well I just got off a long call with another idiot customer. I had to get him merged , so I took him through registration . And he like reads the whole member agreement .And of course he had questions about every single thing!!!! He hangs up on me , after I get him merged and to his homepage , and explained about his webspace ... What a jerk.

Like Brad says we onley get the idiots , because the smart people figure it out for their selves .

Everything is idiot proof these days its quite sad , more and more people cnat think for their selves.

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March 5th, 2004

09:42 pm

I got moved to another cube because my Team manager got moved to macintosh support . The computer I'm on is Win 98 , I really dont like it , its so much slower and when Im saving a case or using a program that is java based and saving what I have done the freaking window pops up saying I performed an illigal opperating OMG!! I hate this I really that this ="(

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